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Lizzie's Barn Sanctuary

Not only do we care about your dogs but we care about all dogs. As part of our mission to create playtime, fun and to ensure all dogs are living the lives they deserve, we decided that we wanted to help out a specific charity on a yearly basis that helps dogs who are less fortunate than those of our own. With this in mind we decided to help a charity which not only does an outstanding job in rehoming and ensuring every dog is placed in the homes that they deserve, but also caring for their resident dogs. This particular charity has gone through some very rough months and has been subject to some severe flooding which has had an effect on how their sanctuary is run. We are pleased to announce that our charity of the year is Lizzie's Barn Sanctuary and we hope that you can join us in helping to raise as much money and create playtime for all of their dogs this year. 

Lizzie's Barn

Lizzie’s Barn is a small, completely independent, family-run rescue in South Wales. At Lizzie’s Barn they have a specially converted barn, which they use in preference to kennels, surrounded by 10 acres of land for exercise. Some of the dogs will stay with them forever due to old age or ill-health, while others  are ready to go to new homes.

They don’t re-home hundreds of dogs like many rescues, because they take the harder to home dogs, the old, sick, neglected and abused; dogs that are simply less attractive to adopters, many referred on to them by other organisations as problematic in one way or another. So, they don’t have a fast re-homing rate and steady cash flow coming in; in fact, they rarely cover costs. Many of their long stay and resident dogs, collectively known as the forgotten ones, are now elderly and reaching the stage where they need regular veterinary attention.

Some of their Dogs

Some of the dogs at Lizzie's barn will never be able to be re-homed and will be permanent residents at the sanctuary, however the majority of the dogs will be re-homed across the UK after they have been through the necessary checks and in some cases seen by specialist vets to help with any ailments they may have arrived with. 


Here are just a few of the gorgeous dogs waiting or their forever home!

Why Donate?

In recent months, Lizzie's barn sanctuary has had to deal with some serious issues of flooding. This has caused catastrophic damage to the barn and areas in which the dog's are kept. The area that the sanctuary now resides in has been labelled as a flood-risk zone. 

They are currently in the process of fixing fencing and raising parts of the barn so that when they do have more heavy rain hopefully the areas where they keep the dogs will not be subject to flooding. However this is an extremely slow process as any spare money that they do have is used to run the sanctuary and pay for the ever-growing vet bills to care for the dogs. The sanctuary itself is completely voluntary run. 

How can you help?

As you can imagine with all of the money being spent on repairs and vet bills for the dogs residing at the sanctuary, it is not always possible to provide the dogs with all of the extras such as the toys and the treats all the time. We will be working with the sanctuary to provide the dogs with boxes full of goodies which you can purchase below. Anything you can give would be a great help towards funding the repairs for the sanctuary so even if you can donate a small amount it would be really appreciated. 

We will be updating this page and you can also keep up to date with how the sanctuary are getting on by following them on Facebook.

All donations are greatly appreciated, thank you.



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