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Buddy & Kadi | Our Inspiration

Buddy and Kadi love nothing more than to play, have fun, learn new tricks and pretty much rule the roost. Separately they are angels but together they are double trouble! We didn’t think it was possible, but dogs really do work together to work against you… crafty. But I’m sure we’re not alone with all of the ups and downs that come with owning a dog, and understanding this was just how Boxes by Buddy was born.

We are on a mission to create playtime. Making tails wag and seeing dogs happy and stimulated is what we’re all about, Buddy and Kadi are the inspiration behind why we exist.

One cheeky/naughty Sprocker Spaniel and a highly intelligent/diva demanding Border Collie is quite the combination. Owning two dogs is certainly not an easy task, hats off to those with more! Buddy and Kadi both have very different personalities, Buddy loves to chew and destroy toys, it is very rare we can find toys that last longer than 15 minutes. Kadi on the other hand is all about the play, the tugging and the fetching, truly living up to those Border Collie traits.

With Buddy we have been constantly tearing our hair out from day one finding the right toys to enrich him and stimulate his brain at playtime. Going from shop to shop and trawling online stores was becoming a nightmare, especially when we were spending £20 or more on a toy labelled indestructible for it to be gone in half an hour. I don’t know about you but it can be very frustrating. However, no toy is indestructible, we are fully aware of that, but I’m sure like many of your reading this you would like to find something that lasts a little bit longer and helps to create playtime for you and your dog and not end it.

So, that was it, we created Boxes by Buddy to take that hassle away for dog owners like yourself and make sure every playtime is as fun and rewarding as it should be for everyone. We source quality toys and natural treats and a few surprise extras for your dog to enjoy on a monthly basis.

We realise every dog is different, they have their unique personality and traits just like Buddy and Kadi. What could be more perfect than receiving a box full of toys and treats which is tailored to your dogs’ needs. We have spent a lot of time researching new and interesting treats and toys from great companies that you would otherwise never try! With a surprise box of products every month delivered straight to your door, you are likely to find new treats and toys that your dog will LOVE.

Quality is important to us and because of this all of our toys are tested by Buddy and Kadi as well as Buddy’s buddies - larger and smaller dogs all of different breeds to ensure that every dog that receives one of our boxes, is receiving a month full of fun and play.

One thing that was important to us was to make sure that our subscription boxes are good value for money, sure, it might sound like a lot when you sign up to a subscription plan, but when you think that the average pet owner spends £1,500 on their pet each year, it sounds a lot more feasible right?

Let’s face it there is nothing more rewarding than the excitement of your dog receiving a new toy, or learning new tricks, after all they are not just dogs they are part of the family.

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