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A Dog’s Choice Would Be K9 Connectables


K9 Connectables are interactive dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain dogs for sustained periods of time. These utilise your dogs natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the treats inside.


Easy to use, simply stuff with treats and then connect together and watch them work for their rewards! These toys will keep your pet occupied for hours.


  • Choice of connection levels of difficulty.
  • Safe for fetch.
  • Floats on water.
  • Dishwasher safe.


Starter Packs

The starter packs come with one each of the following and are available in 2 colour combinations


  • Tech Bone
  • Original
  • Dentist


Tasty Treats - Salmon & Sweet Potato

Tasty Treats - Chicken & Carrot


K9 Connectables Tasty Treats are a fantastic addition to your dog’s daily diet. They are specially formulated to improve oral health and are packed with natural ingredients.


  • Super premium ingredients
  • Grain free (No wheat, maize, soya or corn)
  • Low fat and low calorie
  • Helps control plaque and tartar build up to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Made in Ireland


Feed at any time as a snack or reward. Ensure fresh drinking water is available to your dog at all times. Suitable for dogs six months and older.

K9 Connectables Starter Pack with Tasty Treats

Treat Flavour
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