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Our Values

Welcome to Boxes by Buddy, with the help of our 4-year-old Sprocker Spaniel Buddy and our 2-year-old Border Collie Kadi, we are creating playtime for dogs and their owners.

As dog owners we have seen countless toys destroyed in a matter of minutes and searched endlessly for good quality toys that will last. As we all know - no toy is indestructible. We take away the hassle of finding the right toys for your four-legged friend. 

We have enlisted the help of Buddy's friends, dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes to help us understand the right toys to put in each of our monthly boxes.

All of our toys are tried and tested by Buddy and his team and sent once a month directly to your door for FREE.


Not forgetting you, their humans, each month we will provide training or recipe cards - because after all having fun with your dog is all part of the parcel.

creating playtime

The happiness and well being of our dogs is paramount to us, as dog owners we understand the importance of ensuring our dogs are living their life to the full. We achieve this through fun, play, stimulation and of course love.

We believe the bond between a dog and it's owner comes down to a few simple things, a good diet, a healthy exercise regime, and plenty of fun and play, the occasional treat doesn't go unnoticed either!


There is nothing more rewarding than the excitement of your dog receiving a new toy or learning a new trick, dogs are not just pets but part of the family and I hope you can join us on our journey as we hope to bring as much joy to your dogs as we do ours.

Our Team

Let us tell you a little more about Buddy and Kadi. 

Buddy is a mischievous Sprocker Spaniel who truly lives up to his Sprocker traits. A cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel he is the ideal combination of both breeds.  As a puppy he was into everything; from raiding bins, gobbling up stones in the garden, regularly destroying all of his toys to running around with any spare socks he could find - he was a nightmare but we still love him and thankfully has grown into one of the most loyal and lovable dogs who wants to play all day everyday! 

Kadi is the baby of our family - and she certainly knows it! An intelligent Border Collie, she is the complete opposite of her brother Buddy. As a puppy she not a destroyer of toys - she LOVES playtime, her favourite thing to do is bring you a toy for you to play with her, whether you've known her 5 minutes or 5 seconds she will expect you to play.

Buddy and Kadi are both very active dogs who love to train with their Flyball team as well as explore the outdoors on their walks. BUT most of all they both love to play, they test every one of our toys to make sure they are suitable to be placed in our boxes. 

They certainly have the toughest job of them all, but they keep telling us all they want to do is help create playtime! 

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